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THERE AND BACK AGAIN: A short walk through a new landscape of food and cooking.

Wednesday 2nd November, 7:30-9pm. Cost £10 (£7 conc.).

Pop up Cookery Demo

Once upon a time we didn’t know how to cook and then we did and now we don’t again. With a few ingredients, a knife and a pan or two, Barny Haughton (Rocinantes, Quartier Vert, Bordeaux Quay) and his Cookery School set out to cook seven different recipes that will tell you everything you need to know about food since man discovered that fire could keep you warm in winter and you could cook on it.

This is more than just a cookery demonstration: It’s about you in your kitchen with your knowledge, your budget and your expectations. It’s also a dialogue: you ask questions and get answers and tell us what will work for you and what won’t.

For more info and to book please visit http://popupcookeryschool.eventbrite.com/





Wednesday 2nd November, 7:30-9pm. Cost £10 (some concessions available).

Talk by Rissa Mohabir

A new and hopeful perspective on how to release and unlock trauma "trapped" in the body. Understanding why a gentle and sensitive attitude is necessary to complete and discharge bound trapped energy in the body.

For more info and to book please call 07854-381-801 or email rissa.mohabir@gmail.com

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MANAGING CHANGE (a six week course)

Every Tuesday from 8th November - 13th December, 10-12pm. Cost £65/£30 if unwaged/£15 if on benefits.

Sue Weekes & Lucy Pym-Miller

We cannot avoid change. Big changes, however - especially unplanned or traumatic ones - can be difficult to deal with. We hope to take you on a journey to help you work through ways of coping with change and looking for ways to deal with it as positively as possible. We will be using writing, drama and art as tools; and while we will be dealing with serious issues, we hope we will all have a bit of fun along the way.

For more info and to book please call 07729 555576 or email lucy.p-m@hotmail.co.uk


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Wednesday 23rd November, 7.30pm.

Serena Roney-Dougal

Tibet has been renowned for its psychic practices from the days of the earliest oracles. This talk presents an overview of Tibetan beliefs in psychic awareness – from the early days of deity possession and Mo divination to more recent beliefs about the attainment of psychic abilities through Buddhist meditation and the consciously chosen reincarnations of the tulkus.

Click here to find out more.


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AN INTRODUCTION TO MASSAGE: A One-Day Workshop with Marina Moreno

Tuesday 29th November, 10:30-4pm.

Marina Moreno MA BA Hons MTI ITEC RSA CTHA Member

Learn effective massage techniques in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Suitable for beginners and refreshers, the workshop is also suitable for both individuals and couples. No previous experience necessary.
We will explore; basic and practical skills focusing on neck, shoulders and back; Self-massage and working in pairs to release tight muscle tissue.

Marina is a massage therapist with over 16 years of experience. Her background is in dance, fitness and yoga-dance. This will be a day of fun and sharing. Tables & Oils provided. Places are limited (max 10 people) so best to book in advance. Please bring: Lunch to share and a Smile & Towels.

£35 per person / book as a pair £60
£25 unwaged / unwaged pair £45

To book please contact Marina on 07873 927110 or by email: urbanalaguna@blueyonder.co.uk.


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