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Conferences and Meetings

"Everyone was really pleased with the venue and specially with the friendliness and helpfulness of all staff."

'It was a really good day –much appreciated. I think a good chunk of the success of that seminar was down to the space it was held in.'

"I have never been here before - lovely atmosphere and the thing about it is it is so clean....." 

"Thank you to you and your team for everything that was done to make our training a success. The flexibility and cooperation of all your team has been greatly appreciated. I know some of our requests and requirements were a bit unusual but everyone did everything possible to accommodate us. You have a fantastic venue and team!"

“Our thanks again for your usual excellent hospitality.”

“Our staff commented on how friendly and helpful you all were, enabling us to have a very productive day, in the knowledge that everything was being proficiently managed around us.”

“I think you have got everything running so smoothly there and I really noticed the attention to detail everywhere.”

“Thanks for being such gracious hosts yesterday, everyone loved the venue”

“Thank you (again) all so much for helping towards the success of the event. You’re all such lovely people.”

“Thank you for your hospitality last week. We loved the Pierian Centre and the Music Room was perfect for our event. It was lovely to meet you and I hope we will be able to use the centre again in the near future.”

“Thank you for helping us have a very productive day”

"I wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent facilities and service. The whole team was bowled over by the venue and it is so much better doing this work in a place like the Pierian Centre as opposed to some corporate hotel."

"I would like to say again how welcome we feel at the Pieran all the time, so thank you very much for the fabulous facilities and service."

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The Pierian Centre

"Thank you also for enriching Bristol by your dedication to all the worthy causes to make this world a better place. I feel encouraged to do everything I can to support these causes and specially the City of Sanctuary Pproject."

"I am flabbergasted!! Never has one building been represented in so many aspects, Congratulations ! ...  the fact that Bristol has such an asset as well as one of the few 3 star restaurants must deserve a visit !"

"It was a real pleasure to come to such a centre - from the welcome each day, to the care taken in the surroundings, to the sense of inclusivity and open heartedness to all .... it made me proud to be a resident of this city."

"The work you do at the Pierian is so fantastic, your essence is truly amazing and permeates everything that comes from the centre. I feel so fortunate to experience all the centre offers, and to know such wondrous people. I have very much missed coming in."

“We love the centre that you have created for its atmosphere of peacefulness, tranquillity and beauty as well as being very stimulating, vibrant and life-filled. There must be something for everyone at The Pierian Centre!”

“I personally have benefited greatly from the Pierian Centre, its love and openness and the wealth of experiences it has brought.”

"I found the time spent at the Centre stimulating and uplifting - through your energy and vision you have nurtured a unique offering."

"Best restoration in St. Paul's"

"Most elegant - and yet friendly"

"A wonderfully restful building"


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Education and Learning

“Our study day was made so wonderful through having it in your really super venue. What a lovely place! Thank you so much for all you did for us.”

“Thank you for creating and holding a beautiful space for our workshop-which has been immeasurably improved by being held at the Pierian Centre.”

“I think it’s a great credit to you to have pulled off such a positive, creative and cooperative evening.”

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful atmosphere at the centre for my workshop.”

“We really like having the group in your space. You have created a lovely and caring venue. No wonder you are popular!”

“Thank you (and your workers) so much for helping to make last night’s event a success! The venue is lovely and everyone was very helpful.”

“Many thanks for all your help and facilities over the weekend. You have a great space.”

"I just want to say that it was a JOY to work there… you have created a most extraordinary place - and everybody on the course loved it."

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Health and Well-Being

“The Centre has some unique energy fields about it, refreshing in the context of central Bristol”

“So many people have blossomed and flourished under The Pierian Centre’s roof. So many have been healed and felt enlightened. What a tribute to you, your team and to all who come in and out of that door”

“It was a pleasure for me to have found this beautiful and magical place, so well looked after and so loving. The Pierian Centre certainly has a soul and is very, very welcoming… full of healing indeed.”

“This is a very open minded centre which, for me, maintains one aim: the development of the human being - intellectually, spiritually, physically…”

“The Pierian Centre has a special place in my life. I’m glad I’ve been able to discover it and enjoy the wonderful energy within.”

“It is a great venue, feels perfect for healing and therapeutic work and teaching.”

“Your attention to detail is superb and contributes so much to the mix of restfulness and stimulation that I sensed there”


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Community Events

“I am always interested in what you are doing and think it is such a gift to the community and the world.”

“You have achieved something very special and important.”

“It is a great thing you are all contributing to the causes of justice”

“I have thought about Refugee Week many times and what a wonderful reflection it is of your commitment and courage to the topic itself but also to things positive in general.”

“We are humbly indebted with your support to the Zimbabwe Community both here in Bristol and back home. We wish you all the best at the Centre together we are one!”
Bristol Zimbabwe Association Executive Team

"The Pierian Centre has not only led to the beautiful restoration of 27 Portland Square, it is also a catalyst in bringing about the restoration of confidence and hope in an area and community full of character."

"Lots of people's prejudices and preconceptions about the whole area of St. Paul's have been challenged."

“Thank you so much for bringing the Pierian Centre into being and for all that you give to all of us who use it and to the wider community”


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Music and Arts


"A VERY BIG THANK YOU to you and everyone at The Pierian Centre for having me and the exhibition at the centre-it was great fun and would just like to thank you all for making it so special-especially with all the help and organisation that went into the opening night-was really good fun and everyone had a really good time."


“STUNNING! Wonderful, moving exhibition, scrummy food, great music. EVERYONE around Bristol should know about this!”

“It was a beautiful experience and very moving for me and one that will always stay with me. Thank you for making it possible.”

“A moving collection of artists and people’s lives, passions, griefs and humanity.”

“Stunning, thought provoking and highly emotive – thank you one and all”

“I thought the events at the centre were brilliant and a really effective way to get info across to people…”

“The forgiveness display was pretty amazing – reduced me to tears”

“Thank you so much for your inspiration, enthusiasm and hospitality.”

“It was astonishing and wonderful to see how you’re revived that building to its full glory. The atmosphere is amazingly comfortable and welcoming, unlike so many alleged arts centres etc.”


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Weddings and Celebrations

“Thank you so much for your attention to detail, lightness of touch and warmth which made our preparation so easy and the celebration itself a delight for us and our guests.”

“We both feel that The Pierian Centre was the perfect venue for our ceremony and we are deeply grateful to you and your team for being so attentive towards us and ensuring that all our needs were met…”

“As I arrived in the morning I felt ‘received’ and embraced by you and your team in anticipation of a very special ceremony… we may not have felt such recognition at another venue.”

“What a wonderful day it was yesterday for us and all our guests. We feel the whole operation was due to the excellent way you organised the event and took all the responsibility off our shoulders so that we could relax and enjoy ourselves.”

"Thank you for the splendid organizational effort that went into making the occasion run so smoothly."

“Your professionalism meant that every aspect of the morning ran so very smoothly and we felt totally looked after… On a deeper level, we also felt that your openness and respect for our wishes meant that we were free to truly express ourselves in a very personal way during our ceremony.”

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