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Tuesday December 6th, 10:30am-10:30pm. Absolutely Free!
The Pierian Centre

Come and celebrate 10 years of the Pierian Centre! Workshops, poetry, exhibitions, music, memories & magic will erupt and flow throughout the day. Events you can join in with include a lunch-time Speakers Corner, with a re-run of Leo Wringer’s rendering of the Martin Luther King “Dream” speech, and an early evening Open Mic session, plus poet, Nigel Gibbons, will be roaming from 10:30-6pm composing a poem reflecting the day, as magicians prowl, and didgeridoos hum. Visit the archives for flashbacks and enjoy the day with plenty of laughter, biscuits and all things Pierian.

Doors Open Day 2010 March 2011 The conical lantern

We are using 25 Portland Square for the day as well as the Pierian Centre.

Artistic Programmer: Liz Mitchell (www.movementor.co.uk)

Performances In the Freeman Room...

10:30-12pm Vicki Burke on the harp
12 noon Skeleton Crew with poems and songs

12:15pm Janet Roome "Ode to The Pierian Centre"

12:30pm Ursula Monn playing HANG drum and Chandra Moon on flute

1:15pm Reuben Lenkiewicz on his guitar

2pm Anthar Kharana on Colombian Flute

3pm Celia Beeson on gongs

5pm Christina Shewell's poem of the opening of the Pierian Centre in 2002

5:30pm Recording of Singing Fields offered by Chloe Goodchild

7pm Roving Blades choral group
8pm The fabulous Pindrop Band
9:15pm Ricky Romain and Jon Sterckx play Indian Classical Music

From on the landing...

6:30pm Keith Hyett on the guitar
8:30pm Sophie Sterckx singing "Troubled Lands"

Workshops in the Old Kitchen...

11am Jeffer Wright and Pete Weinstott's Creative Writing taster session

12:30pm Celia Beeson with her singing bowls

2pm Cecilia Ndhlovu's gumboot dancing

3:30pm Joe Hoare's Laughter Club
5pm Dawn McHale teaches meditation and creative writing
6:30pm Simon Carver's drumming circle
8pm Christina Shewell's Haiku masterclass

Workshops around the Pierian Centre...

1pm Louise Green runs writing workshop "Finding the Spring"

2pm Katrina Plumb leads "Imagining the Unknown"

4pm Jo Waterworth facilitates "Words from the Well"

and over at Number 25...

All day long archive exhibition "The Pierian Decade"

12noon–2pm Lunch. Please bring food to share!!

12noon Mood Indigo offer a jazz lunch

1:45pm Our very own Pierian Speaker's Corner Leo Wringer orating Martin Luther King's "I have a dream"

3pm Writing workshop "Celebration" with Cathy Wilson

3:15pm Bristol Refugee Rights Band

4:30pm Jim Scadding singing with his guitar

5:30pm Open Mic session "Folk Words and Whimsy" with Tim Burroughs and friends

6pm–9pm Supper. Please bring more food to share!!

6:45pm The Dilkush Band - Dhol drumming

7:15pm Pete Appleton and his didgeridoo

8pm Chai for Two on the trumpet and guitar
9pm Ugyen Choephell & Simon Carver singing and drumming

All day long at the Pierian Centre...

in the Morning Room, Dr Allofus (played by Oliver Millingham and Alan Coveney) will be on hand to help define "Pierian"

in the Music Room, write suggestions of gaps that will be left after the closure and how to fill them!

in the Well Room, sit and reflect on your favourite Pierian memories

in the Healing Room, sit and watch footage from the very first day of the Pierian Centre and beyond

An exhibition of the renovation year will be in the Music and Freeman Rooms throughout the day


10:30am Peter Clifford and his magic

6pm Paul Praeger and his magic

Then at 10pm wait for the signal to go out to Portland Square at 10.15pm for the Finale – Wrap up Warm!!

The finale music has been specially arranged by Richard Barnard for the Bristol Brass Consort with Pete Appleton (Bristol Didgeridoo Club) - conducted by Jon James. Poem by Nigel Gibbons, Tibetan Chanting by Mark Vaughan and Ugyen Choephell with Tibetan friends. Accompanied by the Original Spinners and Celia Beeson.

And at 10.30pm that’s it, folks – it’s time to go home!

Join us to celebrate a wonderful decade!



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Matirige School, Chivhu, Zimbabwe

Music For All is a project that the Pierian Centre has been supporting for some time.  It aims to bring hope and healing to the children of Zimbabwe through the medium of music.   Fidelis Mherembi, who the Pierian Centre sponsored to do his Masters in Music Performance at SOAS, launched the project early this year – starting at Matirige School in Chivhu, where 80% of the pupils are orphans.  

Matirige School - Music for All Mbira

Music For All raises money to provide schools with traditional Zimbabwean mbira and marimba.  It teaches the instruments to the pupils, and it shows how music can be used to bring other subjects to life.  Research by the Solon Foundation and the Calben Trust has found that schools with a marimba enjoy an improved attendance record.  Further benefits include better performance in other subjects, greater sociability and enhanced self-discipline and leadership – vital qualities for the children of such a fractured and hard-pressed country.

Do support the work of Fidelis Mherembi and Music For All!  Donations can be made to Music for All, HSBC Bank, Sort Code 401413, Account Number 72528533. 

To see Fidelis in action, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc58YdPm368&layer_token=c3ef940cc2ad960f


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